About Ben

Ben Dorscheid was born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin and graduated college at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. He has worked as a high school social studies teacher in Southern Wisconsin for 7 years. He is proud to call Wisconsin home and is eager to serve this great state as a representative to its 45th Assembly District.

  • Boy Scouts Ben was a member of the Boy Scouts of America and earned his rank of Eagle Scout.
  • Teaching Ben teaches Government, History, and Psychology at a public high school.
  • Family Ben lives in Exeter, outside of Belleville, with his wife Jessica and their two dogs Jasper and Skye.
  • When State Assemblyman Mark Spreitzer announced he was running for State Senate this year, Ben recognized an opportunity to carry on his legacy as a staunch supporter of Southern Wisconsin. He will work hard to preserve the efforts Mark made for years in the state assembly, and build on them with careful consideration of the values of honesty, hard work, fairness, and forward thinking. After all, Wisconsin's motto has been and will always be "Forward." On Wisconsin!

On the Issues

Ben wants to focus on areas that unite Wisconsin rather than ones that divide us. In a split government, where neither party holds full control, it is important to be able to work across the aisle as well as gain support from a broad range of constituents.

  • Voting Rights Elections should be fair and transparent where every vote counts.
  • Conservation Fossil fuels are finite, and renewable energy is one of the fastes growing business sectors.
  • Public Education Fully funded public education for all citizens increases our quality of life.
  • Natural Resources Natural Resources need to be protected and Wisconsin deserves clean air and water.
  • Job Growth Small towns need help to create jobs for their communities to grow.
  • District 45 Ben will represent the communities of Exeter, Evansville, Orfordville, Brodhead, Monticello, Albany, and parts of Beloit

Important Dates

June 1st: 200 Signatures Due for Nomination Papers
August 9th: Primary election
November 8th: General Election